Mr Wrecker World is a Swedish band which has been developed from an early band from the -80's, even some songs are from that time. We are playing rock music as we wish and as we like. Our influences are coming from many directions but you will hear what kind of influences we have.


News! 2024 - 05 - 29


It getti´n closer!

New upcoming single approaching! We are thrilled! :-)

Ralph usually sings with Vanguard!

First time I met Ralph was, -80 or -82, so thats is a looooong time ago... which make this very magic!

And more... Swempa Wernborg, guitar will approch at this album as well... Stay Updated!

There is some tasties of this at just, Tasties/Music, ... listen! ;-) 

You can listen to our music at Spotify, Tidal, Amazon, Deezer and many many more places on the web. Hang around and more news will come!

Our first album is for sale (2018). You can buy the record at this very site, just send us an e-mail. 109 SEK each. You can also listen to the songs at Spotify and also buy from  Amazon, I-Tunes, Tidal and some other places on the web.

You can listen to some tasties here on this site.

And I want to give all the musicians on this record a huge credit for the hard work and time they spent (read more on the record) and I will also give all extra credit for the way the play!

If you want to pre-order an album, just e-mail us!

Our hope is that you will like our songs... ;-)

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